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...I come to take you with Me
into the New Country -
the Country of Love,
the Country of Trust,
of Beauty and Freedom.

I shall take you there if you can follow Me,
accept Me,
let Me lead and guide.

And, if this be so,
together we shall build a
New World
A world in which men can live without fear,
without mistrust,
without division;
sharing together the Earth's bounty,
knowing together the bliss of union
with our Source.

- Maitreya







The Blueprint of the Future

...and thus will the Great Lord present to men the Blueprint of the future.
That future holds for men such wonders that few today could comprehend them.

...I magine then a future where no man lacks for aught. Where the talents and creativity of all men demonstrate their divine origin. Where war has no place in their thoughts and where goodwill casts its benevolent net over the hearts and minds of all. Imagine cities of light lit by Light Itself; nowhere to be found the squalor and deprivation of today; imagine transport, fast and silent, powered by light alone, the far-off worlds and even the stars brought within our reach. 

Such a future awaits the men and women who have the courage to share. Such a future awaits those brave ones who love Freedom. Such a glorious future awaits those who long to understand the meaning and purpose of life. 

[From an article 'The Blueprint of the future'.  This article from Share International magazine, October 1999, is by a senior member of the Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom. His name, well-known in esoteric circles, is not yet being revealed. Benjamin Creme, a principal spokesman about the emergence of Maitreya, is in constant telepathic contact with this Master Who dictated His article to him.]


Why are we here?

Understanding the Universe

E very planet in every solar system in every galaxy is evolving according to a Plan. For each planet this Plan of evolution is developed by a Planetary Logos and His Council. A Planetary Logos is a Being Who is so advanced that He uses a planet to gain life experience, similarly to the way we use our bodies . 

In developing His Plan, a Planetary Logos takes His guidance from the Solar Logos Who develops the Plan for the evolution of that particular solar system.

In turn, in developing His Plan, the Solar Logos takes His guidance from the Galactic Logos Who is responsible for the evolution of that particular galaxy. The state of consciousness of all of these Beings is far beyond our comprehension or imagination.

The Galactic Logos, in turn, takes His guidance from a still higher Source, and so it goes on and on. Thus, the whole of creation evolves according to a certain Plan.

Behind all of the creation stands that Supreme Being Whom we call God. Through the process of creation God involves Himself into the matter and then, through the process of evolution, emerges back from the matter. There is nothing in creation but God. Each of us is an aspect of God, a Divine spark from the Divine Flame. As we evolve we manifest that Divinity to a greater and greater degree. 

Our own planet is no exception. We too have a Planetary Logos. His name is Sanat Kumara and He resides on Shambala with His Council. [For more information see the Spiritual Government of Our Planet link in the table below.] 

The evolutionary aim for this planet is to spiritualise the matter aspect, thus enabling the spirit aspect of God to manifest itself in the matter aspect of this planet with relative perfection.

The Role of Humanity

T he basic reason why we are here is to serve the Plan of evolution as it envisaged by the Planetary Logos. 

The human soul represents the spirit aspect of God.  Our bodies - the physical, the emotional and the mental - represent the matter aspect of the planet. We serve the Plan by involving ourselves into the matter aspect of the planet and then spiritualising it, turning it into Light. 

The soul stores all of its incarnational experiences accumulated over thousands of lifetimes in a small energy unit called a Causal body, in the form of vibration. The Causal body is the vehicle of expression of the soul on the causal plane, the third of the four higher mental planes on which the soul dwells. It is the receptacle where consciousness of one's evolutionary point of development is stored.

When a soul is ready for its next incarnational experience it chooses a body as a vehicle, according to the laws of Karma and Rebirth. Then, at about 6 to 8 weeks into the pregnancy, the soul begins to grip the foetus and establishes a steady connection. During the rest of the pregnancy the soul stimulates the physical, emotional and mental bodies of the the foetus and, thus, establishes an energy structure according to the state of consciousness stored in the Causal body. When the child is born its energy state is already at the point achieved by the soul up to this time. Nothing is lost and the process continues from this point.

With each subsequent incarnation we gradually raise the energy state of our bodies of each incarnation to higher and higher levels until they, eventually, become bodies of Light. At that point we achieve at-one-ment with our souls and our individual evolutionary journey on this planet is complete. This is what the Masters of Wisdom have achieved.

The Turning Point in Human History

Following the long ages of suffering, humanity has finally reached a point of evolution where it is ready to leave behind the attitude to life which it inherited from the animal kingdom - the survival of the fittest - and is ready to recognise its oneness. 

The Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of men is a simple teaching underlying all the world's religions. They tell us to love one another because we are all brothers and sisters of one great family. 

Many people in the world would have liked to see this simple teaching become a reality. Up until now, however, humanity has not been able to manifest this brotherhood. 

To live as a brothers and sisters means looking after each other, helping each other at the time of need. It means sharing the world resources fairly and according to need, not greed. 

Can anyone really imagine a situation where a family would be sitting at the dinner table, having a meal while watching one of the family members starve to death because he could not pay for it?  I would not think so. We do have hearts. Yet, this is exactly what is happening in the world today.

According to the United Nations statistics there is 10% more food in the world than we need. It lies rotting in the storehouses of the world because the poor nations cannot pay the price we ask for it. So, every 2 seconds someone in the developing  world dies from starvation; that is every 2 seconds of every minute of every hour of every day, month after month, year after year.  Millions of people die of starvation and we in the developed world do very little or nothing about it. It costs money to share food and no one really wants to pay for it. This is where the ideal of Brotherhood of men stops. The economic rationalism stops it. 

The economic system under which we all live is still based on that old principle - the survival of the fittest. It forces us to compete in all aspects of life and prevents us from implementing and manifesting the high ideals in our lives. 

If you want to survive reasonably well - if you want to give your children an education; if you want to be able to buy food of your choice; to have medical care for your family when you need it; to have a roof over your head - you have to compete. So, we mobilise all of our personal resources to compete against each other.  We compete for higher education, we compete for jobs, we complete at an auction to buy a home and, sometimes, we compete with our immediate family for the inheritance money.  Despite of all the good intentions most people in the world today cannot avoid participating in this struggle. We all have to pay the bills. 

The time has come, though, for all of this to change.


The entry of Maitreya

by the Master -, through Benjamin Creme

W hen, as now, man is at the cross-roads, awaiting guidance on which direction to take, he sets up an invocative cry for help. Inevitably, when the cry has reached a certain pitch, We, your Elder Brothers, respond and answer. Thus is it today as men flounder wildly in the chaos of their own making, afraid to take the only steps which will save them from further chaos.

Into this maelstrom Maitreya is about to enter, fully aware of the task which lies ahead. Only a Being of His immeasurable wisdom could accept such a burden. Only someone of His incomparable courage could undertake such a task.

Out of the anarchic conditions of the present must He construct the new and better order. Out of the agony of millions must He fashion a new world.
Who is there to help Him in His work of salvage?
Who would rally to His cause and aid their brothers and sisters?
Now, as never before, is the opportunity to serve a world in labour, a new world waiting to be born.


Maitreya seeks to lift man into his birthright.
He seeks to inspire the creation of a new and happier world.
The Great Lord seeks to invest each individual life with sanctity and worth.
He seeks to rid the world of violence and war.
Where will He find His helpers?
Who are ready to respond?
Who have the courage to aid the Lord of Love?
He knows already those on whom He can depend.
Make ready to see Him.
Burnish bright your resolve.
Be not dismayed by the immensity of the task.
Be simple and heartfelt in all you do.

Maitreya approaches, fast, on a shining white steed.
His mantram is: fear not!
All, in time, will be renewed.
All, in time, will be returned to the Light.
Consider this: "Take your brother's need as the measure for your action, and solve the problems of the world. There is no other course."


Into your unhappy world now steps Maitreya. He knows your agony and suffering better even than you do yourselves, for He knows, too, the joy which is your birthright.

That joy would He restore to you in full and perfect measure. For that is He among you.

Take Him to your hearts and let Him serve you. Know Him as your friend and Brother of Old. Let Him guide you and teach you; thus will you grow in your divinity.

The time has come when you shall see His face. His smile of love will beckon you to His side. You will find your love magnified a thousandfold and, giving it in service to His Cause, enter into the Plan of which you are a part.

[This article from Share International magazine, December 2001, is by a senior member of the Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom. His name, well-known in esoteric circles, has not yet been revealed. Benjamin Creme, a principal spokesman about the emergence of Maitreya, is in constant telepathic contact with this Master Who dictated His article to him.]